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Zonic and Scourge by RockDthehedgehog
Hybrid n' Black by RockDthehedgehog
-Sonic Boom- Sonic and Scourge by RockDthehedgehog
I'll do up to three characters in a single pic.
Inked pic
contest entry: Shadic and Chaos by RockDthehedgehog
sonourge (not finished) by RockDthehedgehog
15 :points: on paper inked 20 on computer
-commission- Armour the hedgehog by RockDthehedgehog
Dragon blood Chaos by RockDthehedgehog
Commision For Rainwaterfallszone by RockDthehedgehog
background included if asked
Dragon hybrids
Ask The Dragon-Bloods by RockDthehedgehog
Hybrid n' Mutt by RockDthehedgehog
Hedgedrakes: Scourge, Fleetway, and Silver by RockDthehedgehog
the price will vary on this type but won't go any more than 40 :point: please if ya do ask for one please give a link to the oc (yes I will only accept your oc's unless ya ask for one of the hedgies on display)
I've decided that I'd do some stories for people Do not click here...just send a note ask me first if ya want to do one I can negotiate on things cause depending on what style of story ya want I can set how much it is I can do free if you don't have points but normally I will ask for payment though it varies on how long the story is gonna be ^^;


Scourge: The Awakening
Ch.1 -Awoken and Lost-

Scourge's pov.
All I remember was darkness since the cryostasis pod was turned on, dreams of a past I could never belong to anymore, physically frozen in time possibly never to wake again. I felt alone in the darkness emotionally hurt since the physical pain was not noticable in stasis, I regret everything I've done to the Suppresion squad, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, even Zonic. I could guess that I've wondered why they never killed me instead of this over a hundred times by now maybe more, then again I have no clue as to how long I've been in this pod.

Fear was all I know that was real, fear of not living the life I had, fear of all I've known being possibly nothing more than lost history, fear of not being able to say that I was sorry, and worst fear of being alone for the rest of eternity left to suffer from my mistakes. This was all a bad dream, one I knew I'd never wake from and even if I did I would never be the same Scourge everyone hated and feared. Though one day that all stopped unknown to me at the time a few Moebians had found the Cryostasis pod I was in.

I didn't know what was going on but suddenly I could feel something, that something felt warm against my freezing cold body "do ya think it's still alive?" I could actually hear one of the people say. Though unable to reply to their question I needed to warm up or else I could of died of the cold, so I forced my weak body to move closer to the source of the heat startling them "it is alive!" the second person said shocked. I felt hands on me lifting me up which in turn triggered the pain that had been numbed out till now causing me to whimper with my weakened voice.

"Careful Trinity he looks to be in pain" one of the three Moebians said "I know Ginni, and he's freezing cold he needs to warm up now" She said and they all noticed that I had begun to open my eyes everything was blurry. "W-who are you?" I had asked with an extremely weakened voice I was actually scared because everything around me looked far too aged to have been 35 years, that was what I was sentinced to spend in stasis. The female looked to me "my name is Trinity this lady is Ginni and our big guy is Tigon"  she replied then sat me up I notice her holding up an obect "I need to make sure this thing you were in didn't cause you any trouble." As she moved it around I easily spotted a issue "Something's wrong...I can't see through my right eye..." I said nervous knowing full well that the cryo was never perfected back then.

" would seem that is what I feared  your right eye is lacking the signs that should be there for a good sight and it's a bleached out pail blue color too" She said as she continued to hold me close for warmth. Tigon looked out side the ruins "we best be headin back to the hideout or else get caught out here in the forbidden Zone....and unlike you Trinity I ain't hangin for this" he said then looked down to me I knew I couldn't walk yet I guess he knew too since he picked me up and had the girls follow him.

Just after Sunset I could hear shouts like people trying to hide or following orders out in the distance as we hid down in a old cave under a elder tree. I was laying in a bed they had "Why did we run?" I asked them since Chaos know what has happened since cryo. Ginni frowned "The mayor of Nu-Tramus has issued that outsiders outside at night are to be punnished for failin to follow the rules" She said helping me outta the prison clothing I had still. "This mayor sounds terrable..." I replied as I got on some fresh clothing and shoes.

"He is every time someone new comes in he has them taken in and "Clensed" then he forces them to make a choice of joining or be an outcast..." Ginni grumbled as she looked outside "and those with health problems have a dissadvantage on jobs in the city" we all went silent as a scream nearby went off and a female moebian ran by with 2 dog and 4 troopers after her. Now I may be an ass in the past but after all I've been through I couldn't seem to let this new opritunity pass me by "Wait!" I heard Trinity yell as I took off after that other moebian.

Not too long later I noticed those men again had that moebian girl whom I could see as a dove, her clothing had been torn by those troopers and I knew what they had planned. Growling I grabbed one of the men and threw him against a wall catching the other three by surprise "Who the hell are you, you have no rights to be outside stranger?!" the big wolf said yanking out a knife. "Didn't ya know it's wrong to torment a lady?" I said smirking as I dodged his knife jab then kicked him in the stomach, I was doing well till someone got into my 'unfortunate' blind spot and hit me in the side of the head.

I tried to get back up, but one of the four troopers forced me back down painfully "I wouldn't move if I were you stranger" the wolf said and I growled at him. Though as another one of the men tried to use thier club on me again I pulled out a small knife that the Warden in the past forgot to check for and I stabbed the guy in the leg causing him to fall over in pain "hows about I kill y'all and take the young bird with me as ya rot in hell" I replied pulling that same knife outta the husky's leg. I heard the doberman growl at me and as I looked in his direction ducking his swing "you rat! you'll never live long enough to stop all of us."

"Maybe not but I'll make damn sure that ya think before ya hurt another" I hissed at that dog after all I hate being called a rat. As soon as Ginni, Trinity, and Tigon arrived I had all but the wolf down "not another step closer of the lady gets it!" I look up and notice he had a blade to the little ladies neck, growling I dropped the knife I was using, though I started to smile "what the hell are ya smiling for?!" he started to back away only he made the number one mistake anyone would do with me, he blinked. In a flash I had finished him with one solid blow freeing the little bird and shocking the others, unfortunately once the adrenaline wore out I lost my strength to stand and landed on my butt.

"You alright?" Tigon asked me as he got down to me. I just nodded to him, the bird came over to me as well "um...thank you sir, that was really kind of you" she said to me, and for some reason I felt a good feeling bout helping her rather than letting her suffer. I smiled to her "no problem miss I just couldn't leave ya there to be harmed or worse" I replied to her, she then smiled at me "please call me Victoria" she said nicely. I nodded to her "a nice name for a pretty lady, and before I forget y'all can call me Scourge..." I said before I embarrassingly passed out from exhaustion.
Scourge The Awakening ch 1
heres the other chapter I finished n' again this story is open for getting a few oc
just let me know if your interested in throwin one in

hope ya like n' please no rude comments
.Scourge: The Awakening

Scourge Pov.
For the last thirteen years I've enjoyed my life here in the city of Nu-Tramus, having the respect I always wanted, having a mate and four kids that I can trully love, and the postision as the {and I can't believe it happened} Hero of Moebius instead of its worst nightmare...but I'm kinda skippin stuff here so I'll tell ya how all this happened to me and gave me my second chance.

So all this started bout 610 years ago, before ya go trying to figure out how I haven't died of old age I'll get to that. Everyone would know of me being Sonic's Anti-self, obssesed with killing and ruling with no mercy and escaping from the no-zone prison, but around my 16th birthday I can't remember when it was exactly I was arrested again by Zonic brought into the prison but I got a life times worth of utter fear. Zobotnik had me set up as the guinnipig to this Cryogenic Imprisonment, I tried to fight against them but they got me into this machine and without any painkillers or sedative turned the first part of this project on...I still have the proof of that, some form of nerval attachments straight down my spine I can remember the pain clear as day, and it still hurts from time to time.

They had to drag me out of the machine due to how taxed my strength was and all the screaming caused me to lose my voice heck I could barely whimper at that, I never fought back as they laied me in the pod attaching the stuff to the newly placed nerval attachments the last thing I remember of that...time was Zonic actually saying that he was sorry. From then till I was awoken I was haunted by memories of the past and the things I now severly regret, not sounding weak but I still catch myself crying after one of those dreams wakes me, cause I know I can never tell them I'm sorry for what I've done to them...I guess as what Blue normaly says to his friends is whats been done is done there ain't no changin that though I still wonder if he would be glad for what I have done now? ahh I'm jumping off subject again *facepalms*

Well lets get to the larger part of this life I'm gonna start with the begining, where I meet a few souls that are still my friends today.
Scourge The Awakening
>.> yeah I had another story but I never posted this since I wanted to work on the others first
I figured I'd post it no seeing as its been in my computer for almost 8 months
n' yes this sets in a timeline that any oc can be in since Scourge is the only known character

hop ya like n' please no rude comments
I M Bored By MeowsScourgeARTZ152 - point colored by RockDthehedgehog
I M Bored By MeowsScourgeARTZ152 - point colored
I do hope this is alright I'm not that great in adding shadows yet ^^;
(n' so others know I did get permission to do this >.>)

Art from :iconmeowsscourgeartz152:
I colored this one
I've been wanting to do a contest for a while now but I donno what to do prize wise ^^;
I don't have any points to give either I'm just stumped at this stuff
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