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Zonic and Scourge by RockDthehedgehog
Hybrid n' Black by RockDthehedgehog
-Sonic Boom- Sonic and Scourge by RockDthehedgehog
I'll do up to three characters in a single pic.
Inked pic
contest entry: Shadic and Chaos by RockDthehedgehog
sonourge (not finished) by RockDthehedgehog
15 :points: on paper inked 20 on computer
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background included if asked
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Hedgedrakes: Scourge, Fleetway, and Silver by RockDthehedgehog
the price will vary on this type but won't go any more than 40 :point: please if ya do ask for one please give a link to the oc (yes I will only accept your oc's unless ya ask for one of the hedgies on display)
I've decided that I'd do some stories for people Do not click here...just send a note ask me first if ya want to do one I can negotiate on things cause depending on what style of story ya want I can set how much it is I can do free if you don't have points but normally I will ask for payment though it varies on how long the story is gonna be ^^;


Hybrid the hedgedrake by RockDthehedgehog
Hybrid the hedgedrake
I donno really what all I am doing still at home since we are planning to possibly buy the property next to ours n' fix up the house there maybe...

but here's a random unfinished pic I donno if I'll finish the tag on him n' attempt any shading but here's this for now just so y'all know I'm still active here ^^;
Lightwing Legend
ch. 9 -Spirit Wolves-

Light's pov.
Two weeks after the escape from Demises castle thanks to a winged fox child n' resting at fort Realm, we were now on the way back to where this all started for me, my home castle the Lightwing Castle in the largest known territory in the past. I looked to Shadow as he was concerned with what we may find n' I can't help but wonder the same thing as well "it is getting dark brother" I said to him n' he nodded as he looked to me "what are we going to find I wonder?"

He sighed softly as he looked to the sea again "who knows Light...just that we may be hurt by all that we will see if what I heard from the scouts in the past is true then we'll know how bad this has gotten" Shadow replied to me n' I looked to the calm seas as well. Once completely dark out I walked down to the resting quarters of the ship n' again noticed Zonic by himself "did Sonic go to see my older brother?" I asked him n' he nodded calmly to me. "Yeah he did, I know he like Shadow but I am a bit worried that things may not let them be together" he replied as I nodded to him.

Once I was sure I walked back to my room I typically slept with my big brother but he had said I'd have to sleep alone tonight, but to my surprise I noticed Fleetway again in my room "couldn't sleep with Silver?" I asked him. He looked up to me n' chuckled "nah I just wanted to sleep with you, after all your feathers are so soft to feel" I blushed again at that. Finally I sat down on the bed before laying down "alright just curious though why is it my brother is so into Sonic?" I asked n' hearn Fleet chuckle n' I looked to notice him on all fours over me "um...what are you doing Fleetway?"

He smiled softly n' leaned closer to me "I just want you to know how much I like you" he replied n' I couldn't help shivering at his light touch to my sides. A small squeak slipped as his tails strangely wrapped around my sides gently "F-Fleetway? what are you~" he silenced me easily by kissing me softly. He gently nuzzled me as well "easy...I want to be willing to have you as mine" he replied I could see he was scared with what I would say or do. He flinched as I placed a hand on his cheek gently "it's alright Fleetway...I don't wanna rush though" I told him n' he nodded shyly.

I smiled softly to him n' pulled him back into a kiss though I wasn't that good at this kinda stuff, but I heard him laugh lightly when he pulled away. "I can agree to going easy with you" he replied as he climbed off of me n' nestled into my feathers again. I smiled again n' soon dozed off to sleep knowing that we were fine for now.

When we awoke the ship had docked with sadly what was left of a fishing settlement in the territory of my birth "Even the settlements? chaos that king was serious on their extinction..." Sonic said worried as I was a bit riddled with shock to the bones just laying among the tall overgrown plants here. "They wanted to make sure that no one told the main city of the danger till it was too late to evacuate the innocent victims of the war" Haze replied as he had his other crew insuring that the ship was held put. I shook my head slightly "This is just awful to think that his fear of my people caused all this" I said n' jumped onto the damaged dock though it was weakened over the years it held still.

"Well if I could have helped them so long ago I would have" the cat Clare said to us with Haze nodding. He desided to show us what happened since I knew nothing of my birthplace "Come on the crew will look for anything we can use...I know this place by heart since I used to make buisness here." I nodded n' we all followed him as he lead the way. I had found myself sickened with how many skelletons were scattered throughout each small n' large settlement we walked through "did no one survive other than me?" I asked him, both he n' my brother could see I was feeling disturbed by this now, I was holding one of my wings close.

Haze frowned at the question "as far as I know...none lived, but that is just me, I'm sure that maybe a small few did but that is unknown since all here are dead." Shadow placed a hand on my shoulder "Let us worry more on what he had done here to help give us a reason why he must pay the ultamate penalty for his crimes on an entire race" he said to me n' I nodded n' continued past the woods noting how many trees fallen down from something massive n' soon I noticed a strange metal object trapped under a tree n' another badly burned beyond use "what are these things?" Silver asked rather riled up from the sight of this thing.

Haze shook his head "I donno Silver...Its something even new to me" he said n' we kept walking on from the fallen trees, till soon arriving to the largest settlment the Lightwing Castle itself n' it's surrounding city, though what threw all of us by a shock was the city was pratically rubble but the castle still stood even by mear bricks "h-how is that still standing?!" Silver said completely confused by the strange situation.

Haze laughed for once since getting here "its the curse of the Castle, they say that as long as one Lightwing remains alive the castle shall never fall" we all looked to him after he said that "it is obviously true if this place is this bad off n' has yet to completely fall." I looked to this place all scortched, broken, n' blood stained yet still had some beauty to it hidden underneith it all "is it safe to look inside?" I asked Haze. He looked to me "I'm sure it is...we'll have to be careful though" Haze replied n' we all helped him get the front gate open having not moved since the attack sixteen years ago it was hard n' the screach of the metal hurt our ears.

We all walked inside n' noticed the main throne room n' the bones of many who'm tried to defend here n' as I looked, I noted all the windows were destoyed, only three of fourty pillars were still standing though broken in parts, n' the throne itself, not much was left of it n' the skelleton of another whom looked like a king lay headless "what became of that ones head?" I shyly asked the others n' haze sighed. "He n' the queen Gabriell was beheaded by the Fox King n' their heads were taken as his trophy...same with their wings" I looked to him with a slight upset mood.

While the others continued to look around I walked back to the enterance of the castle n' noticed something strange "hmm? what is that?" I wondered to myself as I knelt down to look at very old tracks of what looked like a rather large dog leading from the castle to the woods not too far from here. I didn't realize that the others didn't notice my leave as I walked off following the tracks curious as to where they go n' what made them. When I was just several hundred feet into the woods I noticed the tracks vanished n' so many of varying sized ones go everywhere n' I grew more timid at the thought that I may have just goofed up again, but as I turned around I noticed three fox troopers nearby n' not wanting a confrontation I ran deeper into the woods hearing them yelling at my retreat.

I kept going when I suddenly hear a dark howl in these woods, I stopped n' held still in the thick brush. I noticed the Foxes had also stopped when the howl came n' they seemed to freak out just as something lunged out tearing one of the three foxes down n' I realized the paw prints were from a massive wolf as the other foxes ran n' screams from them could be heard. 'I really goofed now' I thought fearfully as I carefully snuck off hoping that I wouldn't be seen when I heard a wolf growl n' just as I looked over I was pounced by a larger scared male wolf n' I started to freak out more as I could feel the claws in one of my arms.

I thought I was done for when something too fast to see took the wolf right off of me n' into the woods near me, then a yelp was heard as it sounded like the wolf ran off. I sat up nervously as what looked like a black fured green marked winged hedgehog came out though he had that dog like noes n' paws too "I appologize about by brother he isn't the biggest fan of Lightwings..." he said n' strangely helped me up "The name's Lovos, n' the one who attacked you was my elder brother Zera...but my question to you is who are you n' why do you have my kinds scent in your blood?" he asked suddenly strick n' I flinched.

"I-I don't know...I've never smelt anything wrong" I replied hesitant about this suddenly. He looked to me curiously n' sighed as he suddenly changed to a wolf form with small wings "get'll come with me I'm sure we'll figure this mess out..." he growled slightly as I did as asked. I'm sure the others have figured out I left by now but I donno if they would be alright, though I looked to the wolf Lovos all confused but noticed him thinking to himself "can I ask...who was your parents kid?" he asked me n' I looked down to him again not fully sure of the full thing myself.

"I donno for sure sir...I've been told that I am the youngest son of Queen Gabriell" I said timidly n' he stopped near an open area. I hear him start laughing suddenly "well I'll be...seems my fun those years ago paid off" he looked back to me smirking a bit as he now noted my tail that had strangely a similarity to Lovos' "seems to me that my own boy has found his way home." I was now even more confused "What are you talking about?" I asked him n' he let me off his back.

"I'm saying boy is that your right that Gabriell is your mother, but I was the one to be your father after all those marking's n' that tail of yours is definately mine so that would mean your half Spirit Wolf yourself" he said n' I kinda looked to him then to my tail 'that couldn't be..could it?' I wondered in my thoughts. Just then another Wolf came up "Alpha sir...Naeyala has call for you, your next litter had finally come." I noticed he nodded to the other "come with me I'm sure she wouldn't mind your presence" he requested as I nodded shyly n' followed him into the den, I then noticed the dark furred female laying in the cave with five wolf pups n' though she growled only a moment it seemed that wound on my arm still gave off the scent to let her know of that strangeness that I was one of Lovos' older children.

"I guess all that hot air you bloated about with was accurate Lovos?" She asked him n' he shyly chuckled n' she sighed at that "you dolt I thought you weren't going that far with her?" He flinched along with me from the bark she gave at him. He shyly nuzzled her "I know its just she was good...please don't hate me" he said n' I giggled slightly along with her. I then felt something small touch me n' I noticed a small black pup with redish markings slightly visible n' though nervous I picked the tiny pup up "It would seem he likes you" Naeyala said softly now as she lay down to rest.

I must have dozed off for the sun was just rising when I opened my eyes, n' I noticed Naeyala was next to me along with the pups she had I recall before apparently passing out was getting to name the pups I picked up Cerberus. She woke n' smiled slightly "morning child" she said n' I nodded to her as I sat up looking to her then heard Lovos come in. "Up early like the rest of us thats good" he said as I frowned slightly "whats wrong?"

I looked to him "I have friends out looking for me no doubt I should be getting back" I said getting up but stopped as he placed a hand on my hurt shoulder. He shook his head "I got reports that they were caught by the foxes earlier when you came bolting into the woods you can't handle that many at once" he said n' I looked away, since that makes twice now that they were in danger n' I wasn't able to help them. "He can be taught to use his wolf half can't he?" Naeyala asked n' I looked to her again. He smiled to her "That could do it, just gotta hope he can handle that kind of work" I didn't like the sound of this.

I had followed him all the way to an old beat up field that looks as though its been through so much hell "we will start here at our training grounds n' we only have one rule you can't pass the training...your not worth livng" I stiffened at that knowing this wasn't going to be easy on me at all. He changed to wolf again "if you take anything off of me its that you'll learn be ready" he said before charging at me n' relying on instincts I dodged him fast though part of that I didn't know I could do.

I caught him smirk after that "nice...but will you keep that up?" he said charging again. It wasn't long before I realized that more of his pack had come to watch this all unfold n' honestly I was still scared of the fact I could die if I screw up here. "You really do try to kill your own kids?" I said then once again reacted to dodge him feeling the wind on that n' we both knew I was lacking in the needed Stamina to fight him.

Three hours into this I knew these were getting dangerously close to me as I had a few light scars on my arms n' one of my legs "your Slowing down kid..." I looked back just before getting hit n' thrown a good ten feet n' into a tree with a yelp. Several wolves wished to advance but stalled as I stubbornly stood again though a wing sagged to me I knew it was either broke or dislocated but I didn't seem to care I suddenly felt anger n' as I lunged forward I felt as though something happened, cause as I regained focuse I heard Lovos laughing n' could see a lot of the other Spirit wolves looked shocked "Well now that is some bite you got kid" I then realized I had actually bitten him n' let go quickly a bit in a panic too "Easy...its not serious of anything just stings relax."

I looked to him again though still timid about it "b-but how did I do that?" I asked n' had that look that easily had me confused. "Look at yourself n' you'll get that answer" he replied n' I looked down to a small pool of water n' noticed that my whole form has changed too look more like a wolf though I still retained my color save for my wings that looked more to that of a dragon n' a set of four tiny horns on my head as well "h-how did this happen?!" I fell back all confused n' spooked again.

"Lets just say that all Spirit Wolves whether full or half can shape change, yours just needed a boost to get it out n' I can say that it was worth hitching with your mother that night" he laughed again before I riled up again from how he sounded to that n' I wacked him n' Naeyala laughed at that "Trust me stay here a few days n' I'll have you ready to get those friends of your back easily." I looked to him a bit unsure but I agreed relunctantly to it.

As he said a few days n' I could see the difference running faster than before, dodging better, senses much more keen than before here, n' I've also learned to defend in both forms to what Lovos says is a good start cause even he knew I have to help the others. "I know that I can learn more but I need to leave" I told him n' I was glad that he understood. "Just know that the howl can be heard from any of our kind n' we'll come if needed" he replied as I nodded n' bolted off back to the castle to find where the others had gone n' I was worried that they could be in worse shape than before.
Lightwing Legend ch. 9
yeah I've taken an Idea from my fiance that Light's father is still alive n' is a Spiritwolf rather than a Lightwing ^^;

Lovos n' the spirit wolves belong to me n' my fiance
hope ya like n' please no rude comments
just thought I'd inform those I've got art for n' rp with here that I'm in our new house but with no internet so I'm gonna be really slow with my replies n' all but I'll keep up with all that I can ^^;
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now if only they had one for fleetway then I'd have the full set of my fave hedgies X3

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