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Zonic and Scourge by RockDthehedgehog
Hybrid n' Black by RockDthehedgehog
-Sonic Boom- Sonic and Scourge by RockDthehedgehog
I'll do up to three characters in a single pic.
Inked pic
contest entry: Shadic and Chaos by RockDthehedgehog
sonourge (not finished) by RockDthehedgehog
15 :points: on paper inked 20 on computer
-commission- Armour the hedgehog by RockDthehedgehog
Dragon blood Chaos by RockDthehedgehog
Commision For Rainwaterfallszone by RockDthehedgehog
background included if asked
Dragon hybrids
Ask The Dragon-Bloods by RockDthehedgehog
Hybrid n' Mutt by RockDthehedgehog
Hedgedrakes: Scourge, Fleetway, and Silver by RockDthehedgehog
the price will vary on this type but won't go any more than 40 :point: please if ya do ask for one please give a link to the oc (yes I will only accept your oc's unless ya ask for one of the hedgies on display)
I've decided that I'd do some stories for people Do not click here...just send a note ask me first if ya want to do one I can negotiate on things cause depending on what style of story ya want I can set how much it is I can do free if you don't have points but normally I will ask for payment though it varies on how long the story is gonna be ^^;


I M Bored By MeowsScourgeARTZ152 - point colored by RockDthehedgehog
I M Bored By MeowsScourgeARTZ152 - point colored
I do hope this is alright I'm not that great in adding shadows yet ^^;
(n' so others know I did get permission to do this >.>)

Art from :iconmeowsscourgeartz152:
I colored this one
Dragon Blood Curse
ch. 13 -Deu Drac's Monster-

5 moths earlier...
Deu Drac's Pov.
I had reports that seven of my experiments had gotten away from my labs n' my fellow workers begged me for mercy as they failed to keep them here seeing as those seven were the only successful monsters I had. "master please we didn't know they were so cunning, we'll make something to catch them just give us another chance" one of my men begged me, n' I took to my thoughts on another creature I could make that was found with the bones of a full grown hedgedrake. "hmm...very more chance, but only one ye will try to make that Drakan gene" I ordered them, and like before they grew nervous, but complied with my orders.

I sat there n' watched the preformance of my newest monster forged from hedgehog genes and the Drakan genes "very good they look perfect" I said as they awoke the five living monsters I've had made the largest was 25ft in which I knew he would be perfect the one I'm not proud of is the 16ft male he looked weak. I doubted he would survive long so I had it dumped for disposal later "now Zx013 Radon you'll find my missing mistakes n' remove them from my life" I ordered n' the beast left to do my biding.

unknown Pov.
I had awoken in a mess of dead n' decayin creatures, I had felt awful n' almost couldn't move what happened I do not know. Laying there I realized I could move more than before so I took the chance n' managed to get up but I hurt all over, noting that there was a opening in the wall I took it to see where those strange men had taken me n' noticed a monster almost double my height leaving to go somewheres. Not sure how far I've travled but I know now that this is not natural of me "Orbitor? is that really you?" I hear behind me n' as I turned I noticed a old friend Sheena the fox.

"'s me, but what happened to me?" I had asked her knowin she can hack the database to find out, in which she did. Sighing Sheena looked up to me "nothing good or bad really would seem that dr. Deu Drac had tried to make you into a monster called a Drakan the enemy to some creature call the Hedgedrake, the one I saw leave town was even bigger than you so I know these monsters get big, but if you recall we saw those strange hedgehog mix bloods five months ago left by boat and I know where it went too so lets get Leroy and go warn those poor critters that they are in danger" She replied as I nodded to her n' followed her back to our hideout.

it did't take long to get back to our hideout seeing as I was much larger than I used to be though I nearly gave my friend Leroy the Wolf the scare with my unfortunate changes but he easily came round. "So your saying that we need to find where the fox n' the other lab beasts went n' warn them of the impending threat coming to them?" he asked us n' Sheena nods again "yes we need to go now that other monster that is even bigger than Orbitor is out there looking for them as well." With a sigh he got up "alright we'll look n' warn them but then I'm coming home k'?"  n' with a nod we all got on Leroy's ship n' left to look for the others that had my misfortune.
Dbc Ch13
forgot I finished this one three weeks ago >~<
this one is more to the hedgedrake's enemy, Deu Drac, n' a future ally to them, Orbitor.

hope ya like n' please no rude comments
Lightwing Legend
ch.6 -Scars-

Sonic's Pov.
I can't believe that the Fox King had taken the temple and we never knew 'thankfully Scourge wasn't with us' I thought to myself.The troopers had ordered us to tell them were the Lightwing was, but Zonic told them "even if we knew, we wouldn't tell you" and that got him punched for that.I lost track of how much time had passed since we were captured, but we noticed our Drake Stones started to glow a bit "what's wrong with the stones?" Shadow asked me, "I have no clue Shads...but I hope this isn't a bad thing" I replied as we heard yelling outside.

"Sir I've got a report that the Lightwing is off in the eastern vally I'm not sure how he got clear over there when his group is here but we have orders to hold these pups hostage n' to head out to collect the child right away" one of the troopers said catching us off guard with that. Four foxes leave to try collecting Scourge 'this is not going like we had hoped' I thought as we sat there tied up awaiting our punishment.

Scourge's Pov
Training with Fleetway, Silver, and Mephiles was really tiring "No giving in yet pup you ain't gonna let these foxes have an easy catch if we can prevent that" Fleetway said working on my reflexes n' stamina. Though I still noted that Silver didn't like me very well as he tends to ignore me or when teaching he's rather rough in that department n' scalding me on even a small goof. I was nervous that with this would all this training would I even get better "h-how do you all manage this all the time?" I asked earning a chuckle from Fleetway as I fell over tired so he considered it quits for now.

"Me n' these two have been in the environment longer than you think kid...we all had been bannished by your kind n' the Darkrings for what reason I am not sure but my people didn't take to it well" Fleetway said slightly agitated by this question "but I can say that a chance to find a unique Lightwing child is rare n' worth while." My muzzle turned a tinge of red as I leaned back when Fleet leaned towards me with a fanged grin plastered on his muzzle "um...that is something I never knew bout my kind" was my response. Mephiles smirked this time "yes we are aware of their deaths thanks to you, but we are still gonna keep an eye on you cause you don't have our trust yet."

As night settled I tucked myself under my feathered wings to try keeping warm, as I did feel lonely again without Shadow around n' they were all curled togeather with the trust they have n' I sat there by myself scared again 'I do hope your alright big brother...' I was half asleep when I realized that Someone had slipped under my wings as well curling up to me, n' I glanced down to see Fleetway "I thought you were sleeping with them?" I asked in a whisper to my embarrassment he wrapped his arms around me. " looked kinda cold, n' it was rude of Silver to treat you the way he has" he replied quietly to me "n' besides your too damned cute to not hold" Fleet purred making me blush more before sleep finally claimed both of us for the night.

Morning was the same run, training hard, resting short, n' eating what we catch though I wasn't as skilled as they were, but Fleet didn't mind catching more to feed us I was thankful to that. I wasn't clear to time with these two but one thing was for sure I still worried for my friends n' brother, I was surprised when I actually landed Silver on his tail in which I did get nervous but noticed after he snapped out of his shock he bursted out laughing "well damn I finally lost to someone other than meph n' fleet" he said n' I calmed down "gotta say just two weeks n' your pretty good I'll give you that." I looked to him 'two weeks? I didn't know that much passed' I had thought before calmly helping him up "does this mean I'm not weak n' useless now?" I asked Silver n' saw him nod.

"Yup n' good thing too I sense Foxes heading this way" Mephiles replied as we all looked to see twelve foxes with the signs that they ment buisness. "Capture the Lightwing, I don't care what happens to the rest!" the black armored Fox ordered n' the others charged. Fleetway started to chuckle darkly "ready for your first Fox fight boy?" he asked, truth be told I was scared still but I nodded to him "as ready as I can be..." The first of the foxes never made it far seeing as Silvers powers over nature was his best advantage Fleetway was really fast n' Mephiles calculates all his moves before striking. Though we were winning none of us predicted that the Fox King had made himself known here as with his club he knocked Silver away with ease n' Fleetway too Mephiles was pinned down by the elit guards of his n' I found myself in a really ugly case of stuck between a rock n' a hard place.

"So...your the one I failed to kill back at the Lightwing Castle? look rather pathetic for a child of that wretched race" he said as I suddenly started to cower again Fleet couldn't blame me he n' the others were just as nervous with how big n' powerful Demise was. I tried to take to the air only to be grabbed around the neck n' thrown back down "it is wise to fear me to end what I hate ever so much" he drew out a massive sword n' all I know was as his blade struck I sensed a massive energy for a second n' I blacked out. I guess somehow I lived since I soon woke to being held in Fleetway's arms "yo you finally woke up we were all begining to worry."

I sat up confused for a moment then groaned at the ache in my chest "what happened?" I had asked. "Well a lucky reaction really your Drakestone managed to repell that attack that fox did but not good enough though...your gonna have a good scar there" Silver replied lightly touching me on some bandages that were stained with my own blood "Demise was forced to retreat since he was hurt with the rebound, while you were out, we tracked your friends n' big brother down n' helped them out." To hear that was relief to me as Shadow came in n' I couldn't help but hug him even though I hurt all over basically "Thank chaos your alright..." I said as he returned the hug "Its great to have you back...Lil' Brother."
Lightwing Legend ch. 6
I was up most of the night with finishing this since I finally got something in my head to write out for this story
n' yes Fleetway does like Scourge more than anyone knows >3

hope ya like n' please n rude comments
I've been wanting to do a contest for a while now but I donno what to do prize wise ^^;
I don't have any points to give either I'm just stumped at this stuff
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I have a love for Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Mephiles, Zonic, and my most fav evil hedgehogs Scourge and Fleetway X3
I not a fan of Amy Rose but I don't hate her ether...
I'm a yaoi fan girl especially with Scourge and Shadow as uke X3
I love to attempt new designs for my fave hedgehogs
I don't like it when people hate someones favorite styles or make hate groups....>.< I have a account there too ^^

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now if only they had one for fleetway then I'd have the full set of my fave hedgies X3

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